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Retractable Type Fall Arresters & Weight Safeguarding Devices

Retractable Fall Arresters

A retractable type fall arrester, such as a Revac, is a fall arrester with self locking device and integrated shock absorber to be used:

-for work at critical heights between 2 and 6 m
-in confined spaces.

The special advantage of a retractable type fall arrester is its suitability for relatively low working heights, since a fall is arrested at an extremely short distance.

A tripod is used for securing persons and transporting material.

The MiniLite Fall Limiter is a compact alternative to conventional lanyards.

Weight Safeguarding Devices

or Load Arrest Blocks arrest the fall of an object in the event of a load carrying device breaking (crane rope, chain).

Crane Descenders are automatic Abseil Rescue Devices or constant speed automatic descenders. Rather than arresting a fall, this device lowers the person to the ground at a constant speed (about 1m/second) Ideal for evacuations.

Load Arrest Block & Tripod
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